Participation Information

This page contains all the information needed to sponsor the event or a tree. Please download the information sheet and order form and sign up today. For more information about the event, or any questions, please contact us.

Major Event Sponsor Packages

Click this link to download information about major sponsorship levels to help this great cause.

Sponsor a Tree

We offer three levels of tree sponsorship. Please sign up today by downloading and using this information sheet and order form which contains all the details on how you can get involved this holiday season.

Free Non–profit Tree Sponsorship Level

Non–profit organizations can sponsor a tree free of charge. Please download the order form and sign up today.

Please email us for more information about the event.


To partner with us in making the 2023 Festival of Trees the best one ever, sign up as a volunteer There are many ways to help. For more information, please contact us.

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